and commissioning

The supervision and manpower occupation involving our team of engineers and specialists reporting to the Project Manager starts after checking the conformity and integrity of all the components and equipment of the installation located on site, ready to start the mechanical and electrical assembly, once the availability of supplies, tools, assembly personnel and other facilities has been verified.

At the end of the assembly period, within the committed deadlines, the start-up of the installation will begin, after ensuring the existence of the supply material and facilities necessary for the operation, such as consumables, spare parts and qualified personnel, who will carry out mechanical supervision (operation of pumps, motors, main equipment, etc.) and metallurgical supervision (confirmation of the running circuit, control of effluents, etc.), with the participation of operators from the property to ensure effective start-up and stable operation.

All assembly and start-up tasks and work will be carried out according to the technical specifications, detailed drawings and the design plant concept developed for the project, following the guidelines given by the Project Manager, who will have the highest decision-making.

The equipment and services included in the supply shall comply with the current regulatory standards, which shall be accredited by means of the delivery of operation, maintenance and safety manuals and health and safety plans, as well as the CE marking and declarations of conformity.

From the time of delivery of the installation to the property, AMP shall provide continuous assistance with technical support by field service engineers, which will last for the lifetime of the equipment or installation to ensure optimum performance.

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