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Industrial Minerals

The various mineral raw materials such as kaolin, siliceous sand, feldspar and quartz, which are used by certain industries in their production processes, such as in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, paper and cast iron, must meet strict quality requirements.

With our participation at your side you will find the perfect collaboration to improve or define the different stages that your production process requires, according to the qualities required in the final product.

The strict quality requirements for mineral raw materials, such as kaolin, siliceous sand or feldspar, which are demanded by consumers of these materials, require careful design of the different phases that make up the treatment plant to guarantee favorable results in the final product. , although the raw input material varies considerably.

For this reason, AMP defines the process system or plant, studying with the greatest attention the most important stages of the project, such as classification, thickening, filtration and drying to ensure the viability of the project, resulting in efficient systems and plants for the production of:
Kaolin, with products of extraordinary finesse for the Ceramic or Paper industries.
Siliceous sands, for use in filters, cast iron or sports grounds.
Frac Sands, according to API RP 56 standard, whose quality requirement is well known to our Company due to its background and experiences in other industries with similar quality requirements.
AMP has pilot teams and qualified technical personnel to carry out all kinds of tests with material samples to simulate treatment processes in the laboratory or in the field and extrapolate data at an industrial level.



Pollution of sands by heavy minerals

When the contamination in the siliceous sands by heavy minerals (iron, titanium, chromite, etc.) reaches limits higher than the demands of the glass market, it is necessary to remove the harmful particles to obtain a product enriched with the required qualities. AMP specifies magnetic separation or gravimetric concentration systems using concentrating spirals for the removal of contaminating elements.


Equipment for sands intended for hydraulic fracturing

AMP supplies equipment and systems for the production of this type of sand, suitable for use in the “hydraulic fracturing” process (frac sands), which comply with the regulations of the American Petroleum Institute, the API American, included in its RP 56 standard.


Catalogs and articles about our products


Kaolin and siliceous sand treatment plant with filtering and drying stages (50 T-H)

Fertilizer granulation plant (12 T-H)

Backwash washing plant with iodine and nitrate (100 T-H)

Kaolin and siliceous sand treatment plant (30 t / h)

Kaolin, muscovite and siliceous sand treatment plant (7 T-H)

Siliceous sand treatment plant with pollutant removal stage (25 T-H)

Bauxite treatment plant (30T-H)

Silica Sand Treatment Plant With Grinding Stages And High Intensity Magnetic Separation (25T-H)

Calcium carbonate treatment plant - Dry route (5 T-H)

Siliceous sand treatment plant (50 T-H)

Clay crushing plant and storage tank (1200 T-H)

Fertilizer granulation plant (12 T-H)

Siliceous sand refining plant (30 T-H)

by Industry

In AMP we have the objective of developing products for the industry that allow us to be increasingly efficient.
We have developed equipment, tools and solutions for various types of industry, always applying the same degree of quality and excellence.

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Solutions by Industry

Metallic Mining
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