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Metallic Mining

In line with the level of demand of the Metal Mining sector,
AMP offers innovative technical solutions that it integrates into its proposals with high-level benefits.

Based on their knowledge and experience, AMP engineers develop efficient and profitable solutions for the treatment of metallic minerals, which is globally accredited for the wide recognition they have among numerous firms in the mining sector.
AMP provides effective solutions in the development of its projects with innovative systems for the most diverse applications, among which the following stand out for their significance:

Closed Grinding Circuits in concentrator plants.
Gravimetry Plants for heavy minerals (copper, lead, zinc, gold, tin, tungsten and iron).
Tailings Treatment .
Bioleaching of sulfur minerals and polymetallic concentrates.
Dumps Treatment.
Agglomeration of copper, gold and uranium minerals for their hydrometallurgical treatment.

AMP has the material and knowledge resources to carry out sample tests and research work for the treatment of minerals in the laboratory or in the field. Based on the results obtained, alternative solutions are studied, which usually translate into improvements over the original project.



Bioleaching of sulphide ores

In certain cases, the exploitation of certain mineral ores for the benefit of the minerals they contain, leads to the adoption of bio-hydrometallurgical processes to obtain metals such as copper, zinc and gold, replacing other beneficiation techniques, with the consequent savings in production costs.
AMP has the knowledge and experience for the bacterial treatment of gold-bearing minerals, non-ferrous sulphides and copper, lead and zinc concentrates, as a non-polluting process. Its technical team develops this process for the minerals and concentrates indicated, from the primary stage of research and tests in the pilot plant to the design and execution of the treatment plant after carrying out a detailed study.


Closed grinding circuits

AMP is specialized in the design of closed circuits for high-density grinding, by using flat-bottom cyclones that allow greater cut sizes to be achieved in the product than in conventional cyclones, without variation in the flow rate of treatment.
The application of these developments in the grinding circuits provides notable advantages by improving the efficiency of the classification and reducing the circulating load, optimizing the operation in the subsequent treatment stages: flotation, sedimentation and filtration by minimizing the production of ultra-fines.


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Closed Circuit of Grinding in Copper-Lead-Zinc Concentration Plant

Tin Concentration Plant (100 T-H)

Tin Concentrtion Plant 100 T-H

Agglomeration Plant for Oxidized Copper Mineral (1.000 T-H)

Scheelite, Cassiterite and Arsenopyrite Recovery Plant (75 T-H)

Tungsten Concentration Plant (65TH)

Gold and Heavy Minerals Exploitation Plant (29 T-H)

Closed grinding circuits

Sterile Dehydration in Copper Treatment Plant

Gold Recovery Plant

Copper-Lead-Zinc Concentration Plant (500T-D)

Scheelite Recovery Plant (300 T-H)

Closed Circuit Grinding in Copper Concentration Plant (200.000 T-D)

Gold Recovery Plant

90 T-H Copper Flotation Plant

Tin Concentration Plant (10 T-H)

Closed Circuit Grinding in Copper Mineral Tailings Plant

Tungsten Crushing Plant (100 T-H)

by Industry

In AMP we have the objective of developing products for the industry that allow us to be increasingly efficient.
We have developed equipment, tools and solutions for various types of industry, always applying the same degree of quality and excellence.

Industrial Minerals
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Solutions by Industry

Industrial Minerals
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