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AMP intervenes in the design and development of processes applicable to various sectors of the industry, including Food, Chemical, Steel and Energy.

Among the different fields of application are:
• Valorization and inertization of mining and industrial waste products
• Production of new materials from industrial waste

• Metallurgical treatments in certain industrial applications
• Solid-liquid separation processes in the chemical and food industries
We indicate below some processes participated by our engineers at the study or execution level:


Food industry

• Water-sand separation in potato chips production
• Solid-liquid separation in sugar lime circuits
• Sanding of water in vegetable washing plants


Chemical Industry

• Briquetting of sodium borate residues
• Potash granulation from 0.5 / 1mm to 2/4 mm
• Briquetting and granulation of sea salt and other salts


Steel industry

• Aluminum waste screening
• Briquetting of aluminum machining chips
• Metal-water scale separation of rolling mills
• Briquetting of metal scale of rolling mills
• Briquetting of metal oxides with temperatures up to 1200 °


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In AMP we have the objective of developing products for the industry that allow us to be increasingly efficient.
We have developed equipment, tools and solutions for various types of industry, always applying the same degree of quality and excellence.

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Solutions by Industry

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