Our management system to conduct and control the organization of projects is based on the concept of processes to achieve quality and continuous improvement, which includes not only the realization of the product but also actions and resources that are measured and monitored.

The basic conditions that constitute our line of action in project management are:

  • Efficient execution of projects
  • Effective application of resources
  • Cooperation between departments and decision makers
  • Meeting deadlines

From the beginning of a project, an appropriate organization is created for the project and a Project Manager is appointed, who manages with full authority this organization in collaboration with the team he designates according to the project planning framework.

The Project Manager acts at an executive level, as a temporary entrepreneur, with clear objectives in search of the success of the project, being responsible for the execution of the project according to the plan and budget agreed with the client in terms of quality, prices, deadlines and final products quality, based on ISO standards and other protocols implemented in our organization.

The people who make up the project team receive the guidelines from the Project Manager and their decisions are agreed upon in the periodic meetings on the status and progress of the project, whose mandatory reports will be transferred to the proprietary.

AMP‘s policy on project management requires all team members to communicate frankly and openly, comply with agreements and deadlines and take care of relations with third parties, always bearing in mind the main objective of optimising customer satisfaction.

During the development of the project and in the final stages of commissioning, warranty demonstration and operator training, a long term relationship between the customer and AMP will be assured, which will positively benefit the life and efficient operation of your installation due to the dedicated attention of our after-sales technical staff offering technical support and personal attention at the customer’s side.

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