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Sand and Gravel

The current regulations on the production of sand or aggregates, together with the preservation of the environment, have a great impact on the process systems used for their treatment, which has forced companies to adapt their production processes and update their facilities.

AMP is involved in the study of your needs and proposes solutions to you that comply with a sustainable development and guarantee high quality, reliability, productive efficiency and profitability of your investment.
AMP supplies systems and process plants for the treatment of sand and gravel with an updated design according to the requirements of each project. Our technical team develops the project execution work in detail to ensure the qualities required in the final product for applications such as:
• Manufacture of High Resistance Concrete
• Laying of Asphalt Pavements
• Manufacture of Sands for Mortar
• Laying of Pipes
• Preparation of Agricultural Soils
• Preparation of Sports Floors
High strength precast

AMP engineers maintain continuous plans for innovation and improvement based on the latest technologies to offer the user more accurate and versatile plants, such as:
• Hydrocyclone plants with double washing stage.
• Plants for the simultaneous production of two types of sand.
• Hydrocyclone plants with high classification efficiency for the production of special sands applied to the laying of pipes, agricultural soils, preparation of sports floors and high-resistance precast.

We have pilot teams and qualified technical personnel to carry out all kinds of tests, both in the laboratory and in the field, with material samples to simulate treatment processes and extrapolate data at an industrial level.



Lignite sand contamination

AMP provides effective solutions in the development of its projects with innovative systems for the most diverse applications, among which the following stand out for their significance:
Closed Grinding Circuits in concentrator plants.
Gravimetry plants for heavy minerals (copper, lead, zinc, gold, tin, tungsten and iron).
Tailings Treatment.
Bioleaching of sulfur minerals and polymetallic concentrates.
Waste Treatment.
Agglomeration of copper, gold and uranium minerals for hydrometallurgical treatment.

AMP has the material and knowledge resources to carry out sample tests and research work for the treatment of minerals in the laboratory or in the field. Based on the results obtained, alternative solutions are studied, which usually translate into improvements over the original project.


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In AMP we have the objective of developing products for the industry that allow us to be increasingly efficient.
We have developed equipment, tools and solutions for various types of industry, always applying the same degree of quality and excellence.

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Solutions by Industry

Metallic Mining
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