AMP offers services for the Metallic Mining, Industrial Minerals, Aggregates, Coal and Recycling.

Our personalized service department offers the best practical maintenance, troubleshooting guides and availability of spare parts in stock to achieve maximum productivity with the equipment in operation.

AMP launches your project

AMP engineering staff has the experience and knowledge to develop detailed plant concepts and designs within a wide range of services, contributing to the participation of engineering from the first stage of the project and allowing us to interact at a high level and detailed with our partners.

Our dedicated Technical Support Department worldwide contributes to the installation, commissioning and commissioning of equipment and process plants, including maintenance training for operators. Continuous service and technical support continue for the life of the equipment by trained field service engineers.


Catalogs and articles about our products

Our Services

In AMP we offer the following services

Research and testing
Project management
Assembly and commissioning
After-sales assistance
Spare parts service
Advice and consulting
Installations updating

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