AMP manages specific training programs focused on the practical training of operators and customer’s leading personnel during the assembly, commissioning, testing and operation stages of the plant.

The training plan is implemented by qualified AMP personnel with experience in process, equipment operation and maintenance, being the main objective that the operators become acquainted with the plant and acquire the due technical knowledge, experience and skill to operate the plant safely and efficiently.

In general, a training plan usually covers the following aspects

    • Concept of plant design based on its running circuit and drawings.
    • Theoretical training on the operation, processes and purpose of the plant.
    • Practical training on equipment and component assembly.
    • Exercises and tests during start-up to achieve optimal operating conditions.
    • Production and quality control on final products.
    • Explanation of operation and maintenance manuals.
    • Troubleshooting.
    • Electrical operation and instrumentation, being aware with control centre.

From the delivery of the installation our After Sales Department will offer quality technical support to ensure that plant efficiency remains within the design parameters.

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